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UTME 2022: How To Score 270 And Above In JAMB 2022 [Best Proven Ways]



JAMB Reprint Portal 2022

How To Score 270 And Above In JAMB 2022 [Best Proven Ways], details can be accessed below.

JAMB 2022 is ongoing. don’t panic! Here on this page, you get to read about how to score high in JAMB 2022. Well, there is certainly nothing new about this kind of article. You may have already read what looks similar to it elsewhere. Yes, that is obviously true.

BrandNewsDay Nigeria has compiled how to pass JAMB guides is very rampant on the internet. But I intentionally decided to publish this article by the time the UTME examination is already around the corner.

Latest UTME News 2022, JAMB Exam News For Today, Monday, May 9, 2022

Sometimes, we read a lot of guides without utilizing them as a result of some factors. Either we have already forgotten about it or we intentionally decide not to follow such a guide. In that case, this guide on how to score high in JAMB 2022 is published to serve as a remembrance for you when you get into the JAMB CBT centre to write your UTME examination.


As you may have already known, BrandNewsDay gives accurate and reliable information regarding all you need to know about JAMB every year. This is why you have to sit tight and enjoy this short article that will serve a long purpose. Let’s dive in!

UTME 2022: How To Score 270 And Above In JAMB 2022 [Best Proven Ways]

Are you sitting for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for the 2022 CBT Screening Exercise? Learn more about JAMB and how to score high in JAMB 2022 with ease.

Well, I have been thinking about this idea from time to time, why do some candidates for UTME fail to score above their chosen institution’s Cut-off mark?


I have a few questions for you before I move on to how to pass the JAMB 2022

Are you aware that 50% of Candidates who will do this JAMB 2022 will still purchase another JAMB UTME form for 2023? What do you think about this? Do you think that all unsuccessful candidates are dull? Or are JAMB questions that tough and complicated? Is admission processing very competitive?

Well, the main answers to all questions above are lack of adequate information and lack of full seriousness. Adequate information is very essential before registering for the JAMB form. You have to search vividly on the internet about many things like JAMB registration requirementsJAMB cut-off markJAMB portalJAMB subjects combination for all coursesJAMB approved CBT CentersWAEC subjects combination, and Courses offered in your desired institution, Cut-off mark, and many other things.


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If this is done properly and accurately, you won’t make mistakes throughout your admission process. Fortunately, we have all the information regarding JAMB on our website. You just have to use the search button below to look for any content you want.

If you are following this post without skipping, you will remember that the second major reason why most JAMB applicants fail to secure admission is lack of seriousness. Most candidates are not hardworking enough to pass the UTME examination. Some are brilliant, but they will not read extensively thinking that they have already known JAMB areas of concentration. A lackadaisical attitude towards reading will actually cause total failure in UTME.

Now, let’s get back to the main reason you are on this page, which is how to score high in JAMB 2022. Well, we all know that JAMB will not encourage or advise you to engage in Malpractice. But they know some candidates are engaging in it. To say the fact, no one wants to fail. We also understand that our brains are not the same.


You can’t think like me during the exam. I can’t reason as you do. Actually, everyone wants to get high scores in JAMB but not everyone is smart and intelligent enough to pass the JAMB exam and score 300+ points.

UTME 2022| JAMB 2022

JAMB is a true test of thinking ability. The exam is very different from the WAEC/NECO in that it is based on “standard” scores. This means that your score in this exam depends on your overall performance. This exam is also just a test of your initial knowledge of the subject.

JAMB is based on how Intelligent you are, while WAEC/NECO is based on how brilliant you are.

This means that most JAMB questions are very technical, it requires additional technique to answer correctly. They are not straightforward. But WAEC questions are straightforward, once you have read the topic about the particular question being asked, you will know it.


Do you think there is a secret to how to pass this CBT exam with great results? I did a case study with myself and also researched the ways of the successful UTME candidates and found these things we all have in common regarding the JAMB UTME examination.

Now I think you should check out these ways to pass JAMB with flying colours.

UTME 2022: How To Score 270 And Above In JAMB 2022 [Best Proven Ways]

1) The first big step is to be aware of your problem in any topic and give them more time to review, stop praying that this area doesn’t show up in your exam, what if it does, what would you do? Are you going to leave it? This means that all difficult topics should not be neglected. Try your best to know them deeply.

2) Also, when you are in the CBT Center, don’t follow the “people” who always go against instructions, just follow the instructions, in other words, DO NOT walk into the CBT centre with materials that can/will implicate you.


3) Another piece of advice hidden from successful candidates is to start with a subject in which you are good and knowledgeable. When the exam starts, start with a question/topic you know well and take your time. This means that you should try the easy questions first.

4) Get as many questions ahead of time as possible. When reading, be sure to back up your answers from reputable textbooks, not from writers who are hurried to sell their low-quality books. Knowing past questions, you will find areas where questions usually come from and can quickly pick your answers.

5) Work on your speed and accuracy as this is a test for both, there is no point in knowing all the answers when you will not be able to complete them.


6) Try to go to bed early the day before the test so you can wake up refreshed.

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7) Make sure you get the syllabus so you know what you need to know about each subject.

8) Try to note that JAMB questions are very technical so don’t rush to pick an answer. All options are based on a misunderstanding, This means if you don’t understand a question.  Your wrong answer will also be available in the option. For example, ” Grey hairs are well respected in African Countries” SELECT THE CORRECT FIGURATIVE EXPRESSION IN THE OPTIONS BELOW……… (a) Metonymy (b) Synecdoche © Allusion (d) Bildungsroman (e) Pun


If care is not taken, It is possible to select options A because both options A and B look similar a little bit. The correct answer here is Option “B”. Which is Synecdoche, which means to use a part to represent a whole.

Now that we’ve covered the best ways to prepare for JAMB, let’s take a look at the summarization of how to score high in jamb 2022.

  • Follow the instructions
  • Have confidence
  • Be conscious of your time
  • Don’t waste time on tough questions, skip them
  • Save difficult questions for later
  • Back to the missed questions
  • Re-review your answers again

I’m confident that this article has given you new information or ideas about how to score high in JAMB 2022. Well, I like people to comment on my website kindly drop your comment based on this article. Or if you have new ideas regarding tips to succeed in JAMB 2022, kindly drop them in the comments section.


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