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Linda Dominguez Unveils Natural Herb For Weight Loss On Naijalife Marketplace




Natural Herb, Natural Weight Lose, Weight Loss within Two weeks

Linda Dominguez unveils a loose weight natural herb that helps individuals to slim down within two weeks, through her popular platform, Naijalife Marketplace.

Have you been wondering how I remain Lepa without the Gym and I am pushing 40? Says Madam Linda Dominguez, publicist and Naijalife Marketplace nostalgic Nigerian food distributor.

Naijalife Marketplace under the guidance of Madam Dominguez unveils the first of its highly anticipated luxury wellness program for those wanting to slim down at home while on Lockdown to kick start the remaining half of 2020 with a revitalizing 2 weeks results, you can see detox.

Widely recognised as the region’s most sought after and exclusive global luxury travels, publicist and African Food Distributor abroad, Linda Dominguez’s Naijalife Marketplace is now also officially a Lose Weight at home destination in its own right. For those wanting to slim down for the summer season, escape the fast-paced pressures of the city or simply kick-start New Youth Look with a detox, our Miracle Herb is your herb tip to figure 8.

If you have been struggling to burn fat, have a potbelly and can’t keep up with exercises, then you’re at the right place. This Herb is even perfect for nursing mothers and for losing pregnancy fat and water from the body

No matter how big you are, getting slim, fit and fabulous is very possible naturally with this herb from Delta State.

The Easy Slim program is comprised of 100% natural herb, just rinse, brew in water and drink hot or cold.

The benefits of the Lose Weight Naturally Herb

According to Madam Dominguez, the natural Herb serves a lot of purposes for those wanting to lose weight within two weeks, the benefits include:

  • Weight loss & flat stomach: for flat tummy and body slimmer is an extreme weight loss herb effective for losing overall weight and flattening your belly – especially after giving birth.
  • Fertility: It is also a natural fertility enhancer as it cleanses away the dead cells.
  • Ovulation correction remedy: it helps to make ovulation more stable and less painful. Used for fibroid helps to shrink the tumour at an early stage.
  • Mouth odour: Above all, it eliminates mouth odour coming out from the stomach.
  • Skin Cleanser: It prevents blockage of the Fallopian tube and nourishes the skin.

Side effects Of This Herb

Dominguez Natural Herb

Meanwhile, speaking on the side effects of the natural herb is as important as its benefits. Therefore, we are rolling out the side effects of the loose weight natural herb, they are:

Firstly, too much dosage causes light-headedness.

According to her, “I stopped after 2 weeks of drinking 2 cups a day. Immediately I got my desired weight back. I always ate since I was breastfeeding

  • Secondly, drinking too much while on EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding slims down the baby and causes drowsiness. So make sure you’re not overdoing it. You can use after you stop exclusively breastfeeding your baby or when a baby is on solids
  • Thirdly and most importantly, this Herb is good for mothers whose babies are taking solids and milk.
  • Lastly, it suppresses hunger, try and feed well if you’re nursing a child. Food and dieting go well together. You need energy and food to glow your new weight.

Who Can Use the Herbs?

Dominguez Natural Her For Weight Lose

1. Anybody can use the weight loss herbs in Nigeria depending on what you need the herb for.

2. Newly delivered Mothers / Nursing Mothers to detoxify, Cleanse the System and reposition the Womb on time. It helps to remove bad blood and excess water after child delivery.

3. Women with protruding stomach who have given birth before.

4. Men and women who want to slim down.

5. As a result of this integrated, holistic approach, the Naijalife Marketplace Herb offers an exclusive wellness experience
with amazing results after just a few days of drinking this all-natural herb.

Wondering where to buy this Herb or African foodstuff and ingredients that are fresh from the market that delivers Fast to the US, Canada, UK, Europe and beyond, then Naijalife Marketplace is your go-to place. Order Nigerian Food, Fabrics, Hair and everything you need and are Nostalgic about from Naijalife Marketplace.

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