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Buhari Responsible For Recent Failure In Osun, Edo – APC Chieftain



Buhari Responsible For Recent Failure In Osun, Edo - APC Chieftain

Top APC leader in Edo State, John Mayaki claims that President Muhammadu Buhari is mostly to blame for the party’s current struggles and Gboyega Oyetola’s loss in the governorship race on Saturday., saying “Buhari Responsible For Recent Defeat In Osun, Edo”

He charged the President with careless party activity management and “suicidal” tolerance of anti-party activity among the ranks.

The President’s decision to refrain from interfering in the election through the dreaded “federal power,” according to Mayaki, who served as chair of the Edo APC’s Media Council in the 2020 governorship election, was a positive development for the nation’s democracy.


However, he claimed that the party had reached the point of losing an election where its candidate was the incumbent due to the apparent abdication of his duties as the party’s leader, who should be leading efforts to bring the party’s members together, uphold loyalty, and increase political control.

BRANDNEWSADAY learnt the APC chieftain cautioned that if the President didn’t adjust his stance on party matters, it may hurt the party’s chances of winning the 2023 elections.

He said that the anti-party activities of high-ranking APC members, governors, and ministers during the presidency of President Muhammadu Buhari were to blame for the party’s electoral failure in the states of Edo and Osun.


The president’s and the party’s poor incentive systems, if left unchecked, might have a damaging effect on the party, just as Mr. President’s “I don’t care” attitude as a party man did. The president is the party’s head, and he doesn’t seem bothered if the party disintegrates while he is in office.

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“In Edo State, we have a deformed Assembly lacking the inclusion of the majority because duly elected members are yet to be inaugurated. Mr. President has shown no serious concern about this dangerous development, despite the fact that the affected people are all members of the party he leads.”


“Under President Buhari, the APC governors worked against the party in Edo State similar to how figures in his cabinet have been fingered in the loss of Osun State. But Mr. President won’t lift a finger to either reprimand these party saboteurs, instead, he signals tolerance that further emboldens them.”


Mayaki also criticised President Buhari’s refusal to sack non-performing members of his cabinets and government who, according to him, had shown themselves incapable of bringing an end to the insecurity that plagued the country.


He urged bold management, urging the President to learn party leadership from former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He called on party members in Osun State to learn the necessary lessons from the defeat and work harder toward delivering Asiwaju Bola Tinubu next year.

He also warned the PDP not to “delude themselves into believing that taking Osun means winning the presidency as it is a different ball game entirely.”

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