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Afenifere To Buhari: Nigerians Want Actions, Not Sympathy Over Insecurity



President Muhammadu Buhari promised Nigerians  "I won't rest until I bring relief to Nigerians," reiterating that his administration would continue to address the country's current security and cost of living concerns.

Afenifere, a sociopolitical organization that represents all Yoruba people, has expressed grave concerns about the rise of insecurity in Nigeria under President Buhari.

In a statement obtained by BrandNewsDay, released on Monday by the group’s national pubicity secretary, Jare Ajayi, they questioned whether President Muhammadu Buhari was aware of the circumstance.

The organization called on Buhari to show that he was serious about putting an end to the recent wave of killings and kidnappings across the nation and claimed the degree of insecurity was unprecedented.


Afenifere said, “Because of the kid-glove manner with which government is dealing with them, terrorists and kidnappers have been so emboldened that they now attack security institutions at will and malevolently go into houses of their victims to deal with fellow Nigerians – all under the watch of government and security agencies!

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“President Muhammadu Buhari needs to come out and let perpetrators of terrorism and kidnapping know that he has had enough. He should let them realise that the pact he signed with Nigerians was not to come and see to the serial termination of their lives but to ensure their security, improve their welfare and move the nation to a desirable next level.

“Unfortunately, the president has not been able to deliver on any of the desirables. He only brought to the nation the negatives which were far from the expectation of anybody.”

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Ajayi urged Buhari to show he was still the Commander in Chief by taking action.

Reintegrating known terrorists and bandits was criticized by Afenifere since evidence has proven that these ostensibly reintegrated criminals go on to commit acts even more horrific than those for which they were previously known.

He reiterated Afenifere’s stance on the necessity of giving State Police the right authority to manage our security services.


“What Nigerians expect from the government is not sympathy but actions that will put a total end to the nightmare, indeed life-terminating experiences they are going through presently!

“The President can delegate all the necessary authority to his Vice with whom he shared a joint ticket anyway, especially given his earlier declaration that he was anxious for May 29, 2023 to come quickly,” Afenifere added.

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