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Food Prices: Tomato, Onion Prices Crash Further As Commodities Flood Market




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Despite the hike in food prices in Nigeria, tomatoes and onion sellers in Enugu State have attributed the dropped in prices of commodities to their harvest season.

Brandnewsday reports that in a market survey conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Saturday unveiled how prices of the commodities witness decline compared to how much they were sold weeks ago.

In the survey, it was noted that the price of a big basket of UTC tomatoes presently goes for N6,500 as it has glutted the markets, however, the price of small baskets of tomatoes cost between N4,000 and N4,500.

Speaking on the factors leading to a sharp drop in prices, a tomato seller at the tomato section of Garki Market, Mrs Lucy Aku, attributed the price drop to its harvesting season. Aku said that the UTC species, which usually comes from Jos, have flooded the market, forcing the price to come down. According to her, some weeks ago, the species of tomato was sold between N7,000 and N8,500.

Food Prices: Tomato, Onion Prices Crash Further As Commodities Flood Market

Food Prices: Tomato, Onion Prices Crash Further As Commodities Flood Market - Brand News Day | Nigeria Business News, Investing, Financial Literacy, Data

Mrs Victoria Obum, another tomato trader at the market said that the price of tomatoes would continue to remain stable at the moment, except toward the end of March, when the rainy season sets in.

Mr Ugochukwu Offor, another seller at New Akwata-Garki Market said that a five-litre bucket of tomatoes now sells for N500 as against N650 while half of the five-litre bucket sells for N250 as against N300. Meanwhile, the survey revealed that the price of onion has also dropped significantly as a bag of the commodity now sells for between N6,000 and N7,000.

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On of the commodity seller in New Garki Market, Mr Ado Ibrahim stated that the price of the commodity has dropped following it harvest season in the Northern part of the country. Ibrahim lamented that many onions were being wasted as a result of a glut and lack of storage facilities.

Similarly, another onion seller at Top-land Market, Miss Ifeoma Nneji, said that 10 sizable onions now go for N100 as against N400 some weeks ago.

A buyer, Miss Happiness Ude, at Mayor Market expressed joy over the drop in prices of both commodities. Ude added that it would help someone to have a balanced meal.

“When we add tomatoes and onions to our foods daily, we will begin to have nourished skins,’’ she said. (NAN)

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