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Watch Video Of Yahoo Boy Confession| How We Make Girls Sleep With Dogs For Ritual



Girls Sleep With Dogs

Yahoo Boy, in a viral video, has made a confession about how they invite different girls to sleep with their dogs (Girls Sleep With Dogs) to amass more wealth.

Brand News Day Nigeria reports that a clip uploaded on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter has exposed how a suspected internet fraudster popularly known as Yahoo boy, and his colleagues easily make over a N100 million in return, by asking girls to sleep with their dogs laced for ritual.

This online news platform understands that the suspected Yahoo boy in the clip sighted by BrandNewsDay, the Yahoo boy could be heard advising another person to join him, adding that the individual only needs to spend N4 million to get the charm.

In the clip, the suspected Yahoo boy was heard saying that they buy dogs and make sure a lady sleeps with them, at least once a week, adding that the moment the dog sleeps with a human, the more the riches the yahoo boys acquire.

Girls Sleep With Dogs

According to the Yahoo boy, the girl sleeping with dog ritual is different from the other kinds of rituals we do in the past. The particular girls with dog rituals are uniform, unlike the others.


Recall that BrandNewsDay had earlier reported that a viral video showing a lady reportedly to be a Lagos Girl Video With Dog who had s3x With Dog For N1.5 Million has made Nigerians Lament over the Dog Video breaks the Internet.

This online newspaper platform understands that a video of a yet-to-be-identified Lagos-based lady having s3x with a dog has been trending on the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter, with Nigerians and other users of the bird app, are left in astonishment since the video of Girls Sleep With Dogs have been trending.

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Lagos Girl Video With Dog, Girls Sleep With Dogs

Correspondingly, there have been several assumptions of mostly, Nigerian girls sleeping with dogs for money when they travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), or Italy, but the video of a Lagos lady having s3x with a dog seems unusual, howe


Watch the video below…


People who don’t understand the Yoruba language can look for a translator.

The question is, all the viral videos of girls having intercourse with dogs are real?

How sure is it that the guys who had sxx with these girls after are not afflicted with the consequences of the ritual too?


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