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Government Bans Tinted-Glasses Vehicles, Covered Number Plates




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A Nigerian state’s governor has kicked against vehicles using tinted glasses and vehicles that are with covered number plates from moving within the state.

Brandnewsday gathers that the Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, has ordered residents and non-residents of the state using tinted glasses and covered number plates to stop plying any road in Anambra state.

Governor Obiano made this known while addressing the residents of the state on Sunday.

According to him, the state had received reinforcement from security agencies to tackle insecurity.

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The governor, who condoled with the families of those who lost their lives during recent terror attacks in the state, vowed that he would not allow the record he kept for seven years as the safest state in the country to be diminished by anybody, no matter how highly placed.

Government Bans Tinted-Glass Vehicles, Covered Number Plates 

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Obianno stated, “Within the past week or so, we have witnessed what obviously is a planned and targeted attack on security personnel and facilities in the state by armed hoodlums.

“So far, police officers and Navy personnel on official duties at strategic checkpoints in various locations in the state have been attacked, killed and their firearms are taken away. Also, prison and police personnel conveying an inmate to court were equally attacked and killed.

“This morning a police outpost was attacked unsuccessfully as joint police, vigilante and community efforts repelled the attackers.

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“The Anambra State Government categorically condemns these attacks on our security personnel and is doing everything possible to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.”

Speaking further, he said: “Since these attacks commenced, I have personally coordinated security commanders in the state with a joint effort to halt this mayhem and by God’s grace, we will surely succeed. The State Security Council has met twice and I summoned another emergency meeting this afternoon, hence my address.

“Let me emphatically state that any attack on security personnel in Anambra is a direct attack on the state itself and will be resisted with our greatest might. Those who attack us are obviously intent on distorting the peace and security we have enjoyed in Anambra State in the past seven years and we will not allow that.

“We have received massive police, Army, Navy and DSS deployment since yesterday and they have joined their teams on the ground to enforce security.

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“I have therefore directed all security agencies in the state, the vigilante services, all task forces and every structure in the state security infrastructure to rise in defence of our dear state.

“Going forward, extensive security activities will be obvious and by God’s grace, we shall overcome. Fitted tinted glasses on vehicles as well as covered plate numbers will no longer be allowed on all roads within the state. Security agencies will be conducting special and strategic operations aimed at neutralising the emerging threats to our collective safety,” he concluded.

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