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Kwik Delivery Unveils Just-In-Time Delivery Service In Abuja




Kwik Home Delivery, Kwik Delivery,

Kwik Delivery has officially launched its much-anticipated just-in-time delivery service to residents, businesses, government agencies, and merchants in Abuja.

Brandnewsday gathers Kwik Delivery offers 1-hour delivery through its fleet of bike delivery partners and also provides access to a host of reliable, efficient, and trusted 4-wheel vehicles.

According to Yinka OLAYANJU, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer of Kwik Delivery: “As the political centre of Nigeria, Abuja is in strong demand for speedy, efficient delivery of goods and services.”

“Whether you are managing the office of the Permanent Secretary or the cabinet of a leading financial institution or a leading multinational company, you need to ensure your documents and parcels are delivered promptly in FCT.”

Kwik Delivery Unveils Just-In-Time Delivery Service In Abuja

Kwik Home Delivery, Kwik Delivery,

Using the Kwik Delivery app (, customers can request a delivery vehicle and track their shipment in real-time.

Meanwhile, Kwik Delivery is vetting the vehicles and drivers and ensures consistent quality of service. It also provides goods in transit insurance.

“Kwik’s breakthrough delivery platform will enable businesses and government agencies to gain productivity and to optimize logistical expenses in the Nation’s capital” explains Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Founder & CEO of Kwik Delivery.

Launched in 2019, Kwik Delivery is an on-demand, last-mile delivery platform that connects African businesses to independent delivery riders, dubbed Kwiksters.

The Kwik platform is currently open to Kwiksters operating in Lagos State and Abuja. Kwik Delivery app is available on iOS and Android. Kwik Delivery is the trading name of Africa Delivery Technologies SAS.

To visit the logistic site, click HERE.

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