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China’s Approach To Milking African Countries By Providing Aids




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The Chinese are always steps ahead with strategies centred around communism that benefits their citizens over others. This is basically the nation’s interest in driving foreign policy and programmes.

China is known for adapting unconventional strategies that give people or a nation in need what they want but what China takes back is usually beyond what the agreement looks like.

The Chinese have always set eyes on Africa and what it has to offer especially a country like Nigeria with large population size and lack of drive to produce what the country needs internally.

Nigeria and some other African countries have sought China’s help times without number and have negotiated deals that seem to favour China more than the affected countries and the more these African countries keep asking or trying to borrow the more favours and benefits Africans owe the Chinese.

Look at the 30 Billion infrastructure loan in which Nigeria would have to pay up and that is just part of the amount of money Nigeria is owing to China. The Chinese have no history of forgiving loan payment defaulters and therefore would create the means for Nigeria to pay back whether we like it or not. Even looking at the infrastructure loan, we can see that it is a means by which Chinese citizens would get employed to work on infrastructural projects in Nigeria.

Chinese Investment In African Countries By Providing Aids

China, Chinese House

And this is not all, there have been speculations that the Chinese send their convicts over here to serve their term doing government work over here. This is purely a maximization of human capital or resources and a way to help rehabilitate convicts and help them integrate back to society.

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However, the problem with this is the fact that Nigeria and other African countries are becoming dumping ground or should it be called breeding ground for the Chinese to experiment with whatever they want and this is not just about Nigeria serving as the market for Chinese goods, we are now serving as the marketplace for Chinese human capital or services.

Now you wonder when this country is going to start producing internally. Do we really think it is in the interest of the Chinese or other countries with a strong interest in Nigeria to allow us to produce internally?

No, it is not and until we start looking for ways and means in which we can exploit all resources and devise strategies to start producing internally, we would continue to look for help in places where there is none.

If there is one thing that we can learn from the Chinese, it is finding ways to make use of our human resources.

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