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World Bank Approves $400m Loan For China’s Food Safety




World Bank, Debt Service

The World Bank has granted a loan of $400 million for a food safety improvement project to aid China to reduce food safety risks.

Brandnewsday gathers that there are multiple measures built into the project to assist farms and food enterprises to improve compliance with food safety regulations and achieve food safety certification standards, World Bank said.

Good agriculture practices would be promoted, and using biodegradable plastic mulch, eco-friendly food packaging and plastics, the bank said.


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Efforts would go into upgrading public infrastructure for improved water quality and waste management.

World Bank Approves $400m Loan For China’s Food Safety

Risk-based preventive controls for maintaining a safe food environment from “farm to plate’’ would also be carried out under the project, it said. The project would support about 7,500 family farms, cooperatives, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large-scale operations in the agriculture and food sector. It would also improve food safety risk management and serve to run sustainable businesses, said the bank.



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