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Play Your Part Alongside Bolt In Enhancing A Sustainable Environment



Play Your Part Alongside Bolt In Enhancing A Sustainable Environment

Play Your Part Alongside Bolt In Enhancing A Sustainable Environment

As fewer people contract COVID-19 and the rollout of the vaccination takes place, more people start to move to cities across the country. This will mean a return to commuting and sitting in traffic which is a significant challenge for road users across Nigeria. The various causes that attribute to traffic in the major cities include a high number of cars, the road infrastructure and the high influx of people during peak hours.

NECO Result 2022

In 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics estimated the vehicle population was 11,458,370 during the first quarter of the year in Nigeria. 58.8% of these were commercial vehicles. Privately owned vehicles made up 44.5%, with government and diplomatic vehicles at 1.65 and 0.1%, respectively.

In a country where most cars have fuel combustion pipes, people need to be proactive to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads to have an eco-friendly environment. 22nd of April is set aside to commemorate the evolution of planet earth and continue to conscientious people to preserve it. Since the first World Earth Day in 1970, the earth has been plagued by challenges of global warming driven by greenhouse gas emissions from human activities and other pollutions.

While Nigeria awaits an increase in demand for hybrid and electric cars, the decision on how commuters choose to move plays an important role in enhancing a greener environment. With mobility platforms such as Bolt, the journey to a sustainable environment may be a possibility. Making the choice to travel within existing transport could improve the quality of life subsequently, ensuring a healthy environment.


Riding consciously with Bolt could potentially save one money that could be used for priorities like health care, recreational activities and education while contributing to the reduction in gas emission to restore the earth. This effort could enable a sustainable ecosystem where commuters can restore the earth.

The little decisions and actions each person makes contribute to how healthily and sustainably everyone in their respective communities. As World Earth Day is observed, these are but a few things that can make the earth a better place to live, such as:

  • Eat organic food and plant your own fruit and vegetables in the garden
  • Make use of biodegradable and reusable materials
  • Switch off the lights when you leave home
  • And when heading out to a particular destination, ride in a Bolt to support the restoration of the planet
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