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Nigerian Education Needs Exploration Not Ambassadors Of Crushing Dreams – Nofeesah Oyebode



Nofeesah Oyebode - Nigerian Education Needs Exploration Not Ambassadors Of Crushing Dreams - Nofeesah Oyebode

What a great Nigeria we have today! A Nigeria where its teenagers and youth are eaten up by these Ambassadors. It is sad that many futures and dreams are dying slowly. Ambassadors of Crushing Dreams are the agents of destructing fates; depression helps in this mission. These so-called ambassadors are the slow poison that is destroying the country’s future, there are what we could never imagine but are termites that are destroying many fates, they are Nigerian themselves, parents and society and the undying entertainment industry.

A Nigeria where education is given less priority, a chance to survive, a breathing space to explore its full branches, a Nigeria where its educational system from its initial stage to the highest stage is being mishandled and it is not allowed to spread its branches or to swim is an alarming course to this fate. Education is more than the formal wall that has been built for it, here in Nigeria, it is an exploring journey with many phases which are yet to be unleashed, it has its branches that need to be explored and invested into greatly to enhance the country’s growth.

The unending ASUU strike and the fundraising revenue from JAMB are agonies to most Nigerian students where goals and ambitions are turned or altered. Why can’t the other branches of education be unleashed? The branch of creativity, technology, innovation, sport, etcetera, be created. I believe if the government could establish more areas of knowledge where these branches could be explored will serve a greater course and help make multiple choices for students, branches like; the Indian Institute of Technology – IIT University, entrepreneurship universities, sports universities only, will serve as choices and take the countries to a greater height.


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The narrow-minded parents and society who immensely need counselling and an open mindset are cages to their children’s futures. A parent needs to know his child’s potential. Majorly, parent and society sees only a goal and an ambition in the suppose noble professions like doctor, lawyer, or engineer. There are no chances for the gifted footballers, researchers, scientists and technological talents that we have, most children are driven by common goals and ambitions. I believe if proper counselling and awareness are adopted and propagated with great surgency like the Sickle Cell Anaemia awareness to parents and societies, this will encourage other talents. An insight will be driven and these talents and branches could be celebrated.

The glorious and celebrated entertainment industry is another termite and ambassador which has deeply eaten our futures as youth in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Their unending propagation of fraud, drugs, competition, and immoral behaviours is disheartening if thought thoroughly. They are advocates of destruction and doom, their awareness and exposure to these illicit acts have destroyed many futures and shaped minds to immoralities which are expressed through their music which has been wrapped and celebrated legally on the global scene.

These immoralities are now customs and norms that need to be eradicated. Entertainment should be celebrated on strong morals and good thoughts. I think the bad eggs which have been produced by these plagues can be used greatly if well utilised; for example, for security reasons, the so-called yahoo boys should be used as trackers, hackers and secret security agents to help free Nigeria from cyber attack and other sorts of crimes.


In conclusion, Nigeria needs to look out and think deeply as there are lots of ambassadors of crushing dreams, including the government, parents and the societies at large. The support we have granted to the system, and our mentality are the problems we have in securing a good future for ourselves, we need to rise up, modify our thinking, and charge up to free ourselves from these impending shackles.

Oyebode Nofeesah Oyeyemi

Department  of  Foreign Languages (Portuguese and English unit),


Lagos State University

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