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4 Things You Need to Know To Stay Connected With WhatsApp Channels



WhatsApp Channels Feature

WhatsApp Channels is a newly introduced feature, today, over 2 billion people across more than 180 countries use WhatsApp to connect with friends and family, making it probably the world’s most widely used private messaging service.

And now, people are using WhatsApp for more than just messaging friends and family. Introduced last year, WhatsApp Channels is a new feature that gives people an easy way to get updates and information straight from the individuals and organisations that matter to them.

WhatsApp Channels New Features

WhatsApp Channels

Whether you’re into keeping up with football clubs, content creators, or celebrities, you can now do it on WhatsApp Channels. If you’re new to WhatsApp Channels, here are four things you should know:


1. Easily find your favourites

You can find Channels to follow that are automatically filtered based on your country. You can also filter Channels by those that are new, most active, and popular.

2. Separate from your chats

WhatsApp Channels can be found in a new tab called Updates – separate from your personal chats with friends and family. Anyone can choose to follow a Channel by browsing and following the Channels they’re interested in.

3. Simple and user-friendly:

Find and follow your favourite creators, celebrities and organisations and stay up to date with updates, shared as text, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages and even polls.



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As a follower, you can react to Channel updates using emojis to give feedback and see how others reacted too. How you react will not be shown to other followers.

4. Private by design

WhatsApp Channels come with strong privacy protections that people expect from WhatsApp. As a WhatsApp Channel admin, your phone number and profile photo are kept private from followers. Similarly, your phone number is not visible to the admin or other followers when you follow a Channel.

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