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Iran Launches Ballistic Missiles Targets U.S. Bases In Erbil, Iraq (Videos)



Iran News, Nasrullah

Iran has reportedly launched an attack in Iraq targeting what it described as ‘Zionist Strategic Centres’ in the Middle-East country.

According to The Times of Israel, Al-Monitor, Rudaw, IRGC claims responsibility for a missile attack in Erbil, targeting what it calls a “Zionist strategic center.”

The alleged targets were mainly KDP leadership and security bases.


Civilian homes of Pishwa Dizaei and Safin Dizaei, associates of Masoud Barzani with alleged Israeli ties, were reportedly targeted.

Recall that BrandNewsDay reported that Yemen Time, on Saturday morning, said the U.S. struck a Houthi-controlled radar site as part of an effort “designed to degrade the Houthis’ ability to attack maritime vessels, including commercial vessels” in the Red Sea, said U.S. Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in the Middle East.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels responded defiantly to Friday’s strikes, saying that the attacks had failed to cause significant damage and that they remained undeterred from launching more attacks on U.S. and international targets in the region.


The strikes—and fresh promises of retaliation—are the latest signs that conflict stemming from the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza is widening across the Middle East, with the Red Sea as a new flashpoint between Washington and the various Iran-backed groups arrayed across the region.

“All American and British interests have become legitimate targets for the Yemeni armed forces in response to the aggression,” said a statement from the Supreme Political Council of the Houthis, which controls the capital, San’a, and swaths of territory.

Below is another video of the incident

This is an escalation in the Middle East, if the United States retaliate it is a showdown to what might lead to WWW II.

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