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P+ Measurement Services Announces 7th Consecutive Hosting Of AMEC Measurement Month, Focused On Influencer Marketing And PR




P+ Measurement Services Announces 7th Consecutive Hosting Of AMEC Measurement Month, Focused On Influencer Marketing And PR

P+ Measurement Services, a leading media intelligence consultancy, announced its seventh consecutive year hosting the prestigious AMEC Measurement Month. This year’s highly anticipated event will delve into the critical theme of “Influencer Marketing and PR: Analyzing the Role of Influencers in Modern PR and Measuring Their Impact.”

Scheduled to take place virtually on November 24th, 2023, from 12 PM to 2 PM Nigeria time, via Zoom, the event aims to provide invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of PR, communications, and media intelligence.

Tailored for professionals seeking deeper understanding and mastery in this field, the event promises an enlightening exploration of the impact and measurement of influencer marketing.


Distinguished panellists from across the globe are set to grace this edition, contributing their expertise and unique perspectives. Among the esteemed speakers are Todd Murphy, President at Truescope; Adeeba Hussain, Director at Think Impact First Communications; Bemigho Awala, PR and Communications Manager at MoniePoint Inc.; and Austin Ayaosi, Lead Analyst at BrandImpact Consulting.

“We are thrilled to continue our tradition of hosting the AMEC Measurement Month and to focus this year on the integral role of influencers in modern PR,” said Philip Odiakose, Chief Media Analyst of P+ Measurement Services.

“Our lineup of esteemed panellists brings a wealth of experience and insights that will undoubtedly enrich the discussion, offering attendees invaluable knowledge and actionable strategies.”


The event will serve as a platform for professionals to gain deeper insights into leveraging influencers effectively, understanding their impact on brand communication, and implementing robust measurement strategies to quantify their contributions.

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P+ Measurement Services encourages PR, communications, and media intelligence professionals to join this illuminating discussion and gain comprehensive insights into the dynamic world of influencer marketing.

For registration and further details about the event, please visit Here.


About P+ Measurement Services:

P+ Measurement Services is a renowned media intelligence consultancy that specializes in delivering insightful media monitoring, measurement, and analysis services. With a commitment to providing actionable insights and data-driven solutions, P+ Measurement Services empowers organizations to make informed decisions that drive success in their communications strategies.

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