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President Buhari Lauds Sahara Group At 25, Says Its Provides 21% Of Energy To Nigeria



President Buhari Lauds Sahara Group At 25, Says Its Provides 21% Of Energy To Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari has applauded energy conglomerate, Sahara Group for recording a new landmark celebration of 25 years in business.

Brand News Day Nigeria reports that Sahara Group in its glamorous celebration of a silver Jubilee has attracted acknowledgement from Nigeria’s first Citizen, praising the energy company for providing 21 per cent of power to Nigerians.

Commenting on its new milestone of the company, President Buhari wrote in a letter addressing Sahara Group, dated, August 26, 2021.


The letter reads: “I am particularly enthused that you provide about 21 per cent of power to Nigerians and distribute 15 per cent, and going forward, Sahara Group has a vision to investing in gas development for energy, data tech and monetisation, infrastructural development and in bringing energy to live responsibly and smartly wherever energy is consumed”.

Sahara Group

Sahara Group is a dynamic leader in Africa’s upstream, downstream, midstream, power and infrastructure sectors and employs almost 5,000 employees from different nationalities across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The company continues to lead the charge towards energy transition, environmental sustainability, energy security, and access to clean energy in Africa. Buoyed by its vision to light up Africa, Sahara operates the largest privately-owned power business in sub-Saharan Africa.


In the letter, President Buhari said the company’s contributions to the country’s growth gave him, “profound please to rejoice with Sahara Group,” adding that the transition of Sahara from a modest enterprise that began as a trader in petroleum products into a conglomerate was heartwarming.

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“This is very inspirational to our teeming youths in the country, and an example anywhere,” the President said.

Stressing that Nigeria was proud that Sahara Group came from its loins and expanded beyond Africa into Asia, Europe and the Middle East, President Buhari said it was commendable that Sahara had deployed transformational energy initiatives to become a business with proud African heritage.


“May your dreams come true, Nigeria remains proud of you,” the President stated in the signed.

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